Oh what a time!

Oh my, how can it be that I haven’t written a blog in 19 months! To give you my excuses, it has been an extraordinary year with some enormous highs and extraordinary lows. To run you through the last 19 months I have;

  • Made my wedding dress (a completely mad idea but so pleased I did it and more importantly completed it in time)
  • Created a Chelsea in Bloom window for Jigsaw with Bloom and Wild (Amazing!).

  • Got married (best day ever without a doubt! Full of love and joy and everyone we loved all in one place).
  • Worked on lots of beautiful weddings with lovely brides, (I will be showing the highlights of these in future blogs, I promise).

  • Moved house (moved to the lovely little town of Wadhurst on the Sussex Kent boarder. Lots of jobs to do but it feels like home and our cat loves having a garden).
  • Moved studio and store (so great to have a home workshop and all things in one place, but sad not to be seeing my friends at Upper Lodge)
  • And the really big one, I nearly lost my husband on Christmas Eve.

Yes that’s right my lovely Boy who I married 6 mouths and 1 week before was involved in a head-on collision at 8am on Christmas Eve. We learned this week just how close he was to not even making it to the hospital. But 4 days in intensive care followed by four weeks in hospital the amazing staff in the NHS got him not just back on his feet but on the way to being fighting fit again. He still has a way to go I have no doubt that he will get there. The past few months I have just been trying to keep my head above the water, keep a smile on my face and keep my little business going. But as I sit here with the spring sun shining in I feel excited about what the future holds for me, the adventures that the boy and I will have together and the home we can build.

I will be back soon with a great spring tutorial with Emma from A Quiet Style

Caroline xx

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